Becky Harter

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie while working together in the medical setting. In February of 2019 I contacted her for nutrition counseling for my father who was a newly diagnosed diabetic. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. Stephanie offered to help me make some changes, and I agreed to a “whole foods challenge”, eating only whole foods for a month. After that month I was hooked! I learned how much better my body works with the good food I put in. Stephanie showed me how to read labels and introduced new foods, better snack options, and healthy recipe replacements that always kept my journey interesting. Stephanie also encouraged me to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. Through Stephanie's program I stopped feeling bad about myself for making poor food choices again and again, and began making goals that would get me to a better version “me” in so many ways.

To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost over 70lbs and have maintained that weight loss for 2 years. I continue to be mindful and use all the knowledge I learned every day. I know Stephanie has my back to continue to guide me in this life long journey to wellness! I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Stephanie and her program. Stephanie never made me feel judged for making poor choices, and has a touching compassion on my tough days, and a true passion for what she does every day! I am forever grateful to her for all the support and guidance and to be able to say that I worked with her. Very sincerely yours,

Becky Harter


Last year at this time I was a very tight size 12, tonight I was in a room full of women that use to intimidate me rocking a 6 with my head held high. I'll be 49 in a few weeks and honestly feel like I shaved 10 yrs off of me just by eating clean. Stephanie Crozier-Glaser you are an incredible asset to us all, I'm in awe of your knowledge and passion to help. I'm so grateful to have you as my friend I can never thank you enough for giving me a healthier better lifestyle than I’ve ever known.


Jennifer Kelly

Stephanie, just wanted to thank you for helping me over the last 7 weeks. I tried to start this journey several times over the last 5 years and finally made the choice right before the holidays which was one of the hardest times to be on a detox but with her support and the guidance I accomplished something I never thought I could do. I have continued this journey and I have lost a total of 15lbs (in just 7 weeks) just by learning how to balance my food choices. You can still eat the things you love but you learn how to make the right choices (I never gave up alcohol). Stephanie educates you about nutrition in a way that it is easy to understand and is always there for you when you need her. Can’t tell you the amount of times that I have sent her nutrition labels from the grocery store to make sure I was reading it correctly and she has always responded. I could go on about how amazing she is and the things I have learned about nutrition. Life is about making choices and this is the best one I have made in a long time. This journey has not only helped me but the ones I love around me as well. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change and want to take a journey that will be a game changer, take one with Stephanie “One on One Nutrition”

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